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Of the day special 

All items below are subject to tax 

Salad of the day 

4.75 JOD


Breakfast Trays

All breakfast trays come with tea   

The Basic Tray 1

Sourdough bread served with 3 Kinds of Seasonal Jams and butter 


The Basic Tray 2

Sourdough bread served with olive oil, Maisa's homemade zaatar mix, tapenade, and coarse salt


The Basic Tray 3

Either of our Basic Trays 1 & 2 with your choice of 2 eggs done your way 


Maisa's Breakfast 

2 eggs your choice (boiled, zaghaleel, Sunnyside, plain omelet, or with parsley) seasonal veggies, labneh, bread basket, 3 kinds of jams, butter, zaatar & olive oil, green & black olives and platter of local cheese  

22 JOD

Faisal's Tray (No nuts or Eggs)

Bread basket, labneh, olive oil with Faisal's Zaatar mix (without sesame seeds), homemade granola with local fresh yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit. (Served with fresh seasonal juice instead of tea)

13 JOD


Boiled Eggs

2 boiled eggs 

 2.5 JOD

Zaghaleel Eggs 

2 Boiled eggs fried in ghee or olive oil 

2.5 JOD

Sunny Side Eggs

2 Eggs sunnyside up fried in olive oil or ghee

3.5 JOD


2 eggs and parsley fried into a cake 


Plain Omelette 


3.5 JOD

Egg White Omelette 

Egg white omelette 

3.5 JOD


Maisa's Halloumi 

Ciabatta Bread, local grilled halloumi cheese, green olives, mint, and tomatoes

4.76  JOD

Deconstructed Kaak Al Quds

Sourdough Kaak bread, 2 eggs, mixed greens, sliced tomato, cucumber, zaatar, olive oil, and sumac

 4.97 JOD

Mubaathraa' Sandwich

Traditional egg and meat sandwich served with seasonal greens 

5.5 JOD

Breakfast Extras

Makdous (3pcs)


3  JOD

Raha Biscuit


 3.5 JOD

Portion of bitter orange marmalade (6pcs)



Hummus with meat


5.5 JOD

Maisa's homemade hummus


2.95 JOD


Maisa's Signature Date 

Prepared with unbleached flour, olive oil, and non-refined sugar

25 JOD/ Cake
3.5 JOD/ Slice

Dairy Free- Medjool Delight

Non-dairy date cake prepared with unbleached flour, olive oil, and non-refined sugar 

25 JOD/ Cake
3.5 JOD/ Slice

Aromatic Fig Cake

Local fig jam, olive oil, unbleached flour, and dried zaatar 

24.49 JOD/ Cake
3.5 JOD/ Slice

Savory Za'atar Cake 

Dried zaatar and white Nabulsi cheese, olive oil, and unbleached flour

23.95 JOD/ Cake
3.5 JOD/ Slice

Carrot Cake

Traditional carrot cake made with olive oil and unbleached flour

24.95 JOD/ Cake
3.5 JOD/ Slice

Chocolicious Date Cake


25 JOD/ Cake
3.5 JOD/ Slice

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