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Maisa's Delicacies 

Take home our delectable sweets and desserts. From Ma'amoul to specialty cakes. We also offer pantry essentials that are seasonal, from jams and jellies to pickled cabbage and homemade hot sauce. 

Ma'amoul with Dates 

Traditional Ma'amoul Cookies are made with 100% high-quality pure cow ghee stuffed with locally sourced dates. Made traditionally with hand-pinched designs by our master bakers.

1 Kilo Hand Pinched - 15 JOD

1/2 Kilo Hand Pinched - 7.5 JOD

1 Kilo Mold Shaped - 13 JOD

1/2 Kilo Mold Shaped - 6.5 JOD


Ma'amoul with Pistachios 

Ma'amoul cookies made with pistachios are a delightful Middle Eastern delicacy that combines a tender, crumbly texture with the rich, nutty flavor of pistachios.

1 Kilo - 23 JOD

1/2 Kilo - 11.5 JOD


Ma'amoul with Walnuts 

Traditional Ma'amoul Cookies are made with unbleached flour and non-refined sugar stuffed with organic walnuts. Made traditionally with hand-picked designs by our master bakers.

1 Kilo - 18 JOD

1/2 Kilo - 9 JOD

At the Supermarket

Get in Touch

If you wish to order any of our desserts or pantry essentials, contact us via WhatsApp +962 7 9835 7512 We currently offer in-store pickup or delivery. 

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